Tuesday 5 February 2013

Les Miserables

Bullseyes:  ② (out of 5)
I saw Les Mis with my daughter Molly on a Saturday night because my wife Susie went out ‘with the girls’ and I had nothing else to do. How selfish is that? She could’ve at least got me some booze in... Anyway, so there was Molly and me starting to watch the movie and, what’s this – it’s all singing?!

I didn’t realize the whole movie was singing but - it wasn’t so bad in the end. I got used to it, although I was always nervous about any trivial dialogue which might occur which didn’t warrant a musical outburst:
“Wheeer eees le bathroom?”
“Eeets over theeere!”
Ann Hathaway is brilliant. Depressing but brilliant. She’s hot and that always helps. I dreamed a dream is such an emotive song, especially when I'm singing it. Hathaway’s rendition was tainted a little though because, sitting just to my right, in my peripheral vision, was a portly Phillopinio girl furiously stuffing her face with fistfuls of popcorn.
“I dreamed a dream in time gone by…”
Reach, gobble, Crunch.
“When hope was high and life worth living”
Reach, gobble, Crunch.
The moment was lost.
Times were certainly grim back then – Christ. There’s poor Ann, getting canned, groped, scalped, having a tooth extracted and then selling her body for sex and getting mauled and almost arrested – and all in the same day! And she still had the energy to sing!

Sadly the movie went downhill after that. It was just so – looong. I’m not sure how well stage translates to film. I found the whole French revolution bit boring and long-winded. After 2 hours I couldn’t wait for it all to end.

On my way out I bought an advance ticket for Lincoln.  There's no way that's going to be too long.

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