Tuesday 5 February 2013


Bullseyes:  ③ (out of 5)
Flight is a good little movie. Excellent plane crash scene at the beginning and Denzel is his usual surefire self.

I like the whole down on his luck type character story, because, well, it makes me feel better about myself (whatever - I’ll talk to my counselor). I especially like it when the main character hooks up with another of life’s losers and they all sort of win in the end.


There is a very touching scene at the end of the movie which almost made me cry but didn’t because I turned my head away and my daughter doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

I did wonder how Denzel could land such hot looking women. The opening scene when the stewardesses arse is pressed up against the camera – I mean - come on! I’m with my 19 year old daughter here! But then I remembered – Denzel is a pilot (they don’t tell you these things in Career planning class do they?).

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