Sunday 6 July 2014

Le Week End

Bullseyes:  ① (out of 5)

Christ, does this movie ever try too hard to be liked. It’s like that kid at school who kept bringing in sweets. The problem is this movie is not likeable it’s a dick. It is tiresome, tacky and wholly unoriginal. Hell, they are so desperate for affection they even throw in a cutesy off-the-wall dance routine for the main characters to enjoy – aw isn’t that quaint? No wait it isn’t. It’s right out of Pulp Fiction! Shame.

It wouldn’t have mattered if Bridget Jones’ Dad and that woman I saw in something once were actually doing something meaningful because of the one scene in the middle. Have you ever seen a movie which gets sunk by one scene? I’m thinking King of the world here.  Yeah it’s that bad. 

Picture this:

Bridget Jones’ Dad is on his knees staring up the skirt of his pretty, yet elderly, wife. She opens up her legs while Daddy begs her to, ‘please, please! Let me sniff it’.

Oh Christ. Thank God I’d finished my popcorn.

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