Sunday 6 July 2014


Bullseyes:  ③ (out of 5)

Walter White was never going to top his Heisenberg persona and for sure nobody will be saying his name after this. Hell, I can’t even remember what his character is called. But it doesn’t matter because he fails to stop the monster anyway and gets bumped off early on so we can concentrate on the sexy CGI.


Godzilla is good blockbuster fodder. It isn’t remotely memorable or amazing - I’m writing this 6 weeks after watching it and racking my brains trying to remember what happened, but it's good entertainment. I think. Hmm, now let me see…

Rack, rack…

There was a ruckus in Japan…a swim to America…Monsters in Vegas then a bout in… some city near the sea (New York? LA?). Oh and Walter White’s son running around shouting… I think he might have saved the day?

Phew that was exhausting. 

Mental note: Next time write the review right after seeing the movie.

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