Sunday 6 July 2014

Hold Fast

Bullseyes:  ② (out of 5)

There was bugger all on at the movies in April wasn’t there? My wife and I got so desperate we had to go watch a Canadian movie. Imagine that! 

Hold Fast tells the story of a Newfoundland teenager who loses his parents and has to move in with his cousin, Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Gordy is not much fun though so Newfie Boy runs away with his cousin to go frolic in the east coast countryside.

I was looking forward to this movie so I could enjoy some stunning scenery but I was little disappointed. There’s a few too many scenes in the suburbs, at the local airport and at the strip mall. It all made me think that everywhere in the world is starting to look the same. Never-the-less this movie was nice enough despite some stilted scenes they forgot to take out.

You wonder if stilted scenes would ever find their way into a Hollywood movie?  It’s as if the Director watches it and says, ‘Ah leave it in, it’s only a Canadian movie eh?’.

For the record I have no idea why this movie is called Hold Fast. Perhaps it’s a Newfie expression…? 

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