Thursday 2 January 2014

The Butler

Bullseyes:  ② (out of 5)

I thought about doing one word movie reviews one time.  If I had gone this route, The Butler’s review would be simply:  ‘Yawn’.

The Butler follows the real life travails of Cecil Gaines – Forest Whitaker - from his modest roots as a cotton picker to the dizzy heights of White House butlery serving 8 US presidents.  The problem with the story is that, once it gets going - nothing really happens.  Let’s face it, butlering is not a particularly interesting profession, and Oprah Winfrey’s presence does nothing to spice it up.  You sort of feel that Oprah just put herself in the frame to give the Oscar judges a subtle poke.

‘Hey folks it’s me (again) – how about a trophy…?’

They’ll need a big poke too to wake them up from this.


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