Thursday 2 January 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

Bullseyes:  ② (out of 5)

Matthew Mcconaughey is a weird looking bloke.  But his boney limbed appearance in Dallas Buyers Club makes him all the more bizarre.  As with many films I found myself distracted by the actor at the expense of the character.  So for this movie I was never fully immersed. 

Some actors are able to fully inhibit their characters – Meryl Streep is the obvious one that comes to mind – hey that’s not Meryl it’s Maggie!  But too many, like Mcconaughey, fall short. 

Another distraction was Jennifer Garner – why is she here exactly?  And what is the purpose of her character?  And why is she no longer hot…?!

Distractions aside, Dallas Buyers Club skips along nicely and the acting is all well and good, but I couldn’t help thinking that this was all just a big vanity project for Mcconaughey.  A way out of his mostly shallow macho man movies.  Hopefully he’ll beef back up next time and leave the skinny roles for a starving actor or two.  I hear Michael Cera is free...

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