Tuesday 22 October 2013

The Beaver

Bullseyes:  ③ (out of 5)

When my wife told me we were watching a movie called The Beaver starring Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence I thought, ‘Yes, get in!’  But there was a misunderstanding.  Evidently The Beaver is a manky puppet attached to Mel Gibson’s hand rather than, well, never mind.

Mel is a deeply depressed Corporate Executive looking for a way out (he wasn’t the only one… Once I realized I’d been tricked into watching a one man puppet show I was scanning the exits like crazy I can tell you.)

In an effort to pull himself out of his funk Mel begins to communicate through a discarded hand puppet. A bit of a stretch sure, but, despite the quirky premise and ridiculous title The Beaver is surprisingly watchable.  But not nearly as watchable as, ‘Blonde Beavers Aboard!’ - A thoughtful treatise on the sticky subject of sex addiction and its impact on an overweight ship’s captain and his crew…

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