Tuesday 25 February 2014

Monuments Men

Bullseyes:   (out of 5)

I didn’t go see this movie but Kathleen did. Kathleen should know better because she’s a movie buff. She watches movies I’ve never heard of with sub-titles and everything. Yeah she’s pretentious. I don’t know what she was thinking here, the reviews were awful. Perhaps Trevor made her do it? Trevor likes Keanu Reeves and car chases.  

Anyway I’m passing along Kathleen’s review notes which she texted to me on her way home so we can all save ourselves some trouble:

‘Just saw Monuments Men. Load of crap. Maybe 2 moments in the movie I was endeared. Soundtrack crap too. Clooney, crap. Whichever scene cate blanchette was in was like a different movie, a good movie. Coulda been a Great story if it was made by Tarantino! (that’s a joke by Kathleen because she knows how much I enjoyed Inglorious Basterds). Was like the latest Indiana Jones shit movie mixed in with 10 minutes of shindlers list. You can quote me.’

And I did. Thanks Kathleen!  Next time just go to cinemaclock.com and read the reviews ;)

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